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 Step-by-Step Protocol for HILIC Method Development
 ACE Step-by-Step HILIC Method Development Protocol (Flow Chart)
 The Importance of Sample Diluent in HILIC
 Column Equilibration in HILIC Mode
 Selectivity Differences on the ACE HILIC Range
 Comparing Selectivity in HILIC and RPLC Modes

 A Simple, Generally Applicable HILIC Method Development Platform Based upon Selectivity
 A Practical, Selectivity Based HILIC Method Development Protocol

 Separation of Methylmalonic Acid and Succinic Acid using HILIC Mode
 Separation of beta-Blockers using HILIC Mode
 Separation of Caffeine and Related Compounds using HILIC Mode
 Separation of Adenine and Nucleosides using HILIC-MS Mode
 Separation of Nitrogenous Bases and Nucleosides using HILIC-MS Mode
 Separation of Creatine and Metabolite Creatinine using HILIC Mode


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 How to install ACE Excel UHPLC columns?
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 The Benefits of Ultra Inert Stationary Phases for the Reversed Phase HPLC of Biomolecules – Ranking of 300A Columns
 ACE Capillary and Nano Columns, LC-MS and Rapid Analysis columns
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 Improved HPLC Separation of Steroids
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 Buffer Recommendations for ACE UltraCore Columns

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Posters, Presentations

 Exploring and Leveraging Multi-Mode Interactions to Maximise Chromatographic Selectivity with Uniquely Designed HPLC / UHPLC Stationary Phases
 Exploring HPLC / UHPLC Chromatographic Selectivity with Low And High pH Eluents on a New Extended pH Range Stable Silica-Based Stationary Phase
 Exploring Low and High pH Eluents Using a New Silica-Based Extended pH Range C18 Column for Analysis of Amphetamines and Opiates from Urine by LC-MS
 Exploring the Power of Chromatographic Selectivity for Polar and Non-Polar Analytes with a Unique UHPLC / HPLC Polar Embedded Phase
 Application of a Unique HPLC Phase when Exploring HPLC Method Development Challenges for a Pharmaceutical Combination Therapy Containing Five Active Ingredients
 Low Level Determination of Synthetic Cannabinoids (SPICE) and Metabolites from Oral Fluid Using a Novel C18-Based Stationary Phase by UHPLC-MS/MS
 Exploring the Selectivity and Performance of a New Extra Selectivity / Extended Stability Cyano Phase in UHPLC / HPLC Method Development
 A New, Extended pH Range Stable Solid Core UHPLC / HPLC Column Family with SuperC18 and SuperPhenylHexyl Bonded Phases
 Using Selectivity Data to Demonstrate a UHPLC / HPLC Method Development Platform Based upon Solid Core SuperC18 and SuperPhenylHexyl Phases
 ACE C18-AR and C18-PFP: rational stationary phase design
 Introducing reproducible selectivity changes to HPLC
 Determination of Pesticides in Foodstuffs by LC-MS/MS (ACE UltraCore SuperC18)
 Translating US Pharmacopoeia Methods to Sub-2 Micron and Solid Core Using the New USP <621> General Chapter Guidelines
 Managing Method Transfer in the Pharmaceutical Laboratory
 Method for the Determination of NDMA in Ranitidine Drug Substance and Drug Product (ACE C18-AR)


 Buffer Selection Guide
 Proteins and Peptides Purifications Guide
 HPLC Troubleshooting Guide
 C18 Comparison Guide
 ACE Applications Guide
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