Nacalai Tesque, Inc HPLC Columns


Cosmosil chiral immobilized phases, 3 or 5um
 Cosmosil chiral brochure
Cosmocore: new 2.6um fused-core particles -C18, Cholester and PBr (Pentabromobenzyl)
 Cosmocore brochure
Cosmosil 3C18-EB: Excellent for Basic compounds
 Cosmosil 3C18-EB brochure


 Cosmosil HPLC Catalog 2019
 Cosmosil HPLC Catalog 2017
 Cosmosil HPLC Catalog 2015

 Cosmosil HILIC Application Notebook
 Cosmosil / Cosmocore Cholester Application Notebook
 Cosmosil / Cosmocore Technical Notes
                    – Preparation of mobile phases;   Guard column selection
                    – Sample pretreatment;   Method development;   Troubleshooting


 Cosmosil RP Phase Selectivities
 Preparation of mobile phase for HPLC
 Cosmosil ODS phases (MS-II, AR-II, PAQ)
 Cosmosil C18-PAQ
 Cosmosil 3.0mm ID columns (MS-II, AR-II, PAQ)
 Cosmosil UHPLC columns (MS-II, Cholester, πNAP)
 Cosmo(+) capillaries for CE (Capillary Electrophoresis)
 Cosmosil special columns (Cholester, πNAP, PYE, HILIC, Protein-R, Sugar-D)
 Cosmosil Cholester columns
 Cosmosil πNAP columns
 Cosmosil PYE and NPE columns
 Cosmosil HILIC columns
 Cosmosil 2.5um HILIC columns
 Cosmosil HILIC chromatograms
 Cosmosil PBr columns
 Cosmosil Protein-R columns
 Cosmosil Sugar-D columns
 Cosmosil PBB-R columns
 Cosmosil Buckyprep and PBB columns
 Cosmosil Buckyprep-D brochure
 Cosmosil CNT (Carbon NanoTube) columns
 Cosmosil DIOL-II columns
 Cosmosil SL-II columns
 Cosmosil bulk sorbents for prep. chromatography
 Cosmogel IEX series columns
 Cosmosil SFC brochure
 Cosmosil Technical Guide for SFC Columns

Applications, Chromatograms

 Antibiotics Analyses
 Vitamin Analyses
 Fatty Acids Analyses
 Polyphenols Analyses
 Food Additives Analyses
 Toxic Food Contaminants Analyses
 Saccharides Analyses
 Rare Sugars Analyses
 Purification with Cosmogel IEX Type Q columns (Trypsin Inhibitor from Soybean)
 Analysis of DEHP (Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate)
 Food samples analyses with Cosmosil Sugar-D columns
 Fullerene chromatogram index
 Cosmosil HILIC – Melamine Analysis
 Cosmosil πNAP – Tocopherol Analysis