Máy sinh khí hydro HYDRO50L, là thiết bị tạo ra dòng khí hydro áp suất thấp sử dụng trong các thiết bị thí nghiệm như GC- FID, độ tinh khiết của dòng khí hydro sinh ra từ máy đạt 99,999%, và có thể vận hành liên tục 24/24h.

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Máy sinh khí hydro 50L, dùng trong phòng thí nghiệm.


 Reduces in operation costs. Return on investment within 2 years.

 Improves resolution and detection limit versus Helium only usage. Provides High pressure stability.

 H2 available 24/7 at constant purity. No contamination.

 Independent source of Hydrogen that does not require any piping and can be easily moved around the laboratory. Remote control from PC, I-phone and I-pad

 Stackable casing for low footprint gas generator network assembly.

 Very safe operation, internal leak-test, automatic shut-down, over-pressure valve, current and voltage limits.

 No handling and storage of cumbersome gas cylinders. No cylinder rental fee.

 Extended autonomy with 5L water tank.


LEMAN-Instruments designed the HYDRO50L product line of High Purity Hydrogen Generators for FID and CARRIER GAS, to fit almost any type of application which needs High purity H2 production close to the consumer in laboratory environment.

Based on the field proven Solid Polymer Electrolyte (PEM) cell technology, pure Hydrogen is produced at low pressure from electricity and high quality distilled water (ZEROWATER). This process can be started on demand and does not require any caustic solution.

The produced Hydrogen is available 24/7 with constant purity superior to 99.995% at output flows of 100 to 600 Ncc/min (depending on the model). The H2 output pressure is regulated electronically and can be set from 0.5 to 10 bar.(7 to 140 psig).

Each instrument is equipped with high performance communication interfaces (RS485, Ethernet, WLAN) to create a very flexible gas network with local or central control.

Due to the software being focused on safety, automatic regulation and reliable communications, the HYDRO50L High Purity Hydrogen Generators are easy to install, reliable, safe and pleasant to operate.


 Combustion gas for FID Analyzers
 Carrier gas for Gas Chromatographers
 Protection gas